The University of Rwanda Fee Structure

Tuition Fees Payment Plan for the Academic Year 2016 - 2017

The University of Rwanda (UR), wish to inform all Undergraduate students the approved Fees Structure and Payment Plan by the University Senior Management Council to be effective for the 2016-2017 academic year starting this coming September 2016. The Total Fees and Payment plan is here below for the implementation:

  Local/EAC Students International/Non-EAC Students
Sep-16 1 112,500 Rwf 75,000 Rwf 135,000 Rwf 90,000 Rwf
Oct-16 2 225,000 Rwf 150,000 Rwf 270,000 Rwf 180,000 Rwf
Nov-16 3 337,500 Rwf 225,000 Rwf 405,000 Rwf 270,000 Rwf
Dec-16 4 450,000 Rwf 300,000 Rwf 540,000 Rwf 360,000 Rwf
Jan-17 5 562,500 Rwf 375,000 Rwf 675,000 Rwf 450,000 Rwf
Feb-17 6 675,000 Rwf 450,000 Rwf 810,000 Rwf 540,000 Rwf
Marc-17 7 787,500 Rwf 525,000 Rwf 945,000 Rwf 630,000 Rwf
May-17 8 900,000 Rwf 600,000 Rwf 1,080,000 Rwf 720,000 Rwf
****STEM( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics); EAC: East Africa Community; Rwf: Rwandan Francs

1. A monthly payment is set for 125,000 Rfws and 75,000 Rwfs respectively and shall increment students account as per the payment of required fees.
2. No student will be allowed to do exam before h/she pays the required monthly installment
3. New and continuous students shall pay the approved 2016-2017 Fees Structure as above.
4. Students repeating a year shall pay administrative fees and tuition fees per credit. In case where the payment per credit exceeds the annual tuition fees, then the lesser of the two will be charged to the student.